Welcome to the LEGO Narnia WikiEdit

This wiki is about the non-existing LEGO Narnia. To let this idea be known, I'd appreciate it if some people put some thoughts and pictures of their own LEGO Narnian creations up here.

What is LEGO Narnia?Edit

Currently, LEGO Narnia is people custom LEGO creations that resemble something from The Chronicles of Narnia.

Book of the MonthEdit

The November 2012 Book of the Month is... The Silver Chair!

In The Silver Chair, Book 6 of the series, Eustace returns along with a new character named Jill Pole. After being harrased by bullies, they slip through a door into Narnia. Then they're sent on a quest to find Prince Rilian, King Caspian's son that has been abducted by the Witch of the Underland!

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